New Mexico

Department of Public Safety

Keeping New Mexico Safer Through Safe Roads and Safer Communities

It is the policy of the Department of Public Safety to establish fair and consistent policies and procedures designed to ensure efficient and effective operations of the department. All employees are required to familiarize themselves and comply with applicable policies and procedures.

Administrative Policies

ADM:01 Policy & Procedure Development
ADM:03 Grievances
ADM:04 Internal Investigations
ADM:05 State-Tribal Collaboration and Communication
ADM:06 Vehicle Usage for Non-Commissioned Employees
ADM:07 Equal Employment Opportunity
ADM:08 Uniform Clothing Allowance
ADM:09 Tobacco Use
ADM:10 Responsibility and Request for Keys
ADM:11 Use of Personal and Department Electronic Communication
ADM:12 Jury/Witness Fees
ADM:13 Carrying of Firearms
ADM:14 Alternate Work Schedules Program
ADM:15 Maternity / Paternity Leave
ADM:16 Physical Fitness and Wellness Program
ADM:17 Maintenance Requests
ADM:18 Fleet Damage
ADM:19 Inventory System
ADM:22 Safe Driver Program
ADM:23 Coordination of Grants
ADM:24 Uniforms, Grooming, and Equipment
ADM:25 Employee Death and Great Bodily Harm Protocol
ADM:26 Standard of Conduct for Commissioned Personnel; Code of Conduct for All Employees
ADM:27 Personnel Relocation Expenses
ADM:28 Medals & Awards
ADM:29 Law Enforcement Records
ADM:30 Tool Allowance
ADM:31 Access to and Use of Computer-Based Resources
ADM:33 Contracts and Joint Powers Agreements
ADM:34 Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
ADM:35 DPS Facility Identification Badge
ADM:36 Investigation and Resolution of Complaints
ADM:37 Tattoos And Body Piercings
ADM:38 Fees for Offense Incident Reports and Accident Reports Policy
ADM:39 NM Sex Offender Apprehension Program (SOAP)
ADM:40 Front Door Entry Policy
ADM:41 Early Intervention Personnel System
ADM:42 Procurement Card Program
ADM:43 Organization and Administration
ADM:44 Planning, Research and Operational Development
ADM:45 Americans with Disabilities Act Reasonable Accommodations
ADM:46 Risk Management
ADM:47 Discipline
ADM:48 IT Incident Security
ADM:49 IT Operations Management
ADM:50 Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADM:51 Telework Program

Motor Transportation Police Division Policies

Operations Policies

OPR:01 Use of Force
OPR:02 Intelligence Collection
OPR:03 Domestic Violence Investigations
OPR:04 Automated External Defibrillator
OPR:05 Hollow Spike Belt, Stop Sticks, P.I.T. Maneuver, and other Forcible Stops
OPR:06 Line and Staff Inspections
OPR:07 Use of Mobile Fingerprint Identification (MFID) System
OPR:08 Vehicular Pursuits
OPR:09 Residency Requirement
OPR:10 Compliance Operations
OPR:11 Analytical Services
OPR:12 Exposure Control Plan
OPR:13 Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team
OPR:14 Wearing of Protective Vests
OPR:15 Premise Inspections
OPR:16 Vehicle/Sticker Decals
OPR:17 Evidence/Property Handling
OPR:18 State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit
OPR:19 Use of Recording Equipment
OPR:20 DPS Canine (K-9) Handlers
OPR:21 State Police Search & Recovery Team
OPR:22 State Police Tactical Team
OPR:23 Field Interviews and Pat-Down Searches
OPR:24 Peer/Officer Support Team
OPR:25 Shipment of Highway Route Controlled Quantities of Radioactive Materials
OPR:26 New Mexico Mounted Patrol
OPR:27 Citizen Encounters and Bias-Based Profiling
OPR:28 Foreign Nationals; Consular Notification and Access
OPR:29 Investigation of Use of Force Incidents Resulting in Death or Great Bodily Harm
OPR:30 Critical Incidents, Special Operations and Homeland Security
OPR:31 Telecommunications
OPR:32 State Police Motor Team
OPR:33 Arrests
OPR:34 Patrol Operations
OPR:35 Impact Operations
OPR:36 Vehicle Towing and Inventory
OPR:37 Release of Public Information/Department Use of Social Media
OPR:38 Juvenile Enforcement and Custody
OPR:39 Criminal Investigations
OPR:40 Crime Scenes
OPR:41 Traffic Control and Enforcement Operations
OPR:42 Search and Seizure
OPR:43 Missing and Endangered Persons Investigations Alerts and Advisories
OPR:44 State Police Bomb Team
OPR:45 Traffic Crash Investigation
OPR:47 Interaction with Persons Suspected of Suffering from Mental Illness
OPR:48 Digital Cameras
OPR:49 New Mexico State Police Aircraft Section
OPR:50 Automated License Plate Readers
OPR:51 Investigation of Persons Suspected of Driving Under the Influence
OPR:52 Lineups, Show-ups, and Photographic Identification
OPR:53 State Police Pistol Team
OPR:54 Safe Haven for Infants
OPR:55 Radiological-Nuclear Detection Alarm Response
OPR:56 State Police Unmanned Aircraft Systems
OPR:57 Safety Inspections
OPR:58 Credential Checks
OPR:60 CSA Investigations
OPR:62 State Police Crisis Negotiation Team
OPR:63 Civil Disturbance Response
OPR:64 State Police Emergency Response Team